Hello fellow foodies and homecooks!

Fast forward…survived the 5 exciting and challenging years of television shoots of  “The Celebr-EAT-y Circle”, the food segment of Chicago Philippine Reports TV, airing every Sunday…and boy, it was all fun, indeed!  Cooking or baking in front of camera is simply “good crazy”, and each take has no script or run through at all, it is all happening (including missing ingredients and tools and breakdown of hardwares, and thanks God, no bloods or knife cuts yet), no faking at all, no “over-the-top” video edits.  The Celebr-EAT-y Circle is, simply put, cooking just like at home but with camera rolling. 

So recipes featured have to meet this requirement:  “FEC”, meaning fast, easy and cheap.   And there are lots before and after “takes”, and really good materials for a foodie blog — more photos of ingredients and finished products, interesting bits of featured chefs and restaurant owners and also cookbook authors and yes, recipes and recipes.   Hope you enjoy my blog!


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