And I’m loving my new Aroma Electric Rice Cooker.  It was really time to say goodbye to my old rice cooker, and say hello to “One-Touch Cooking Aroma Rice Cooker, it steams and cooks, for real.  It is a magic pot, you can actually cook foods in this rice cooker: soups, paella, bread pudding, chicken fettuccine, and even a dark chocolate truffle cake.  This rice cooker is specially calibrated to cook all varieties of rice, including tough-to-cook black sweet rice.  There is a convenient steam tray that inserts directly over the rice, allowing to cook meats and vegetables with the rice— same time, same pot.  Please visit website for more info: Now available at Costco and Walmart.

For real. Even my bibingkang malagkit is cooked to perfection with my Aroma Rice Cooker. This recipe is posted in the Aroma website, click click here


The sweet rice cooks perfectly using the Cool-Touch Digital Aroma Rice Cooker, really! 

Rice Cake:

3 cups sweet rice, washed and drained (look for Sasum Deer Brand in Oriental stores)

3 cups water

1/2 can coconut cream

2 cups white sugar

Yummy Topping:

1 1/2 cans coconut cream

1 cup light brown sugar


1. Place washed and drained sweet rice (malagkit) and water in Aroma Rice cooker and cook until done (Picture 1).

2. While rice is cooking, combine the yummy topping ingredients in a large saucepan and cook until it turns caramel-colored and reaches a thick syrupy stage, stirring occasionally(Picture 2). Set aside.

3. Fluff cooked rice with paddle and stir in coconut cream and sugar, mixing well.

Spread the rice mixture (don’t press down but just smooth the top) into a greased 9 x 13 baking pan (Picture 3).

4. Pour the thickened yummy topping on top of the rice cake and spread it out evenly (Picture 4).

4. Bake in a preheated 350 F oven for 40 to 50 minutes (Picture 5).

Here’s Aroma’s press release for this amazing rice cooker, it really does create MAGIC!

New Rice Cooker Makes Mealtime Easier, Healthier

As America’s favorite rice cooker, Aroma knows what consumers expect: worry-free, restaurant-quality rice without the stirring, monitoring and burning that come from cooking rice on the stove. Aroma’s newest digital rice cooker, launching this month nationally in Walmart stores, features advanced digital controls that exceed consumer expectations with just the press of a button.

Specialized functions for white rice and brown rice cook any variety of rice or whole grains to perfection. Restaurant-quality rice is as easy as 1, 2, 3: Add rice, add water, and press a button! The rice cooker automatically switches to keep-warm once the rice has cooked to perfection.

The addition of the steam tray allows for chicken and broccoli to be steamed while rice cooks below for a delicious, one-pot meal. Busy cooks have more time for family and friends while the rice cooker prepares the evening’s meal.

Aroma’s website,, features a host of great rice cooker meal ideas as well.

The Aroma digital rice cooker also features all the functionality of a digital food steamer with a programmable steam function. Set the time for foods to steam from 5 to 30 minutes. The rice cooker will begin the countdown once water reaches a boil and automatically switch off once the set time has passed.

Perfect for families on the go, the Aroma digital rice cooker features a programmable 15-hour delay timer. Rice and water may be added in the morning and will be hot and ready once the hungry clan is gathered around the table at night.

Additional features of the Aroma digital rice cooker include an easy-to-use power button and a clearly visible cooking indicator light. The beautiful brushed stainless steel finish and brilliant blue LED lights are an excellent aesthetic addition to any countertop.

The Aroma Digital Rice Cooker can now be found nationally in Walmart stores for $39.88. 

The Time is Right for Rice Cookers

 Today’s families are more pressed for time than ever before. Juggling jobs, school, sports and activities even veteran parents can be run ragged. And with all this running around, who can possibly find time to cook a healthy home-made meal for their family?

Aroma Housewares has the solution: an electric rice cooker!

According to Aroma , America ’s top-selling brand, rice cookers prepare delicious, healthy meals that don’t require much effort or prep time. Unlike traditional stove top rice, there’s no stirring, no monitoring and no chance of burning the rice. The Aroma rice cooker handles all the cooking, giving families back invaluable free time.

Thanks to Aroma, millions of families throughout the county now have more time each night to play together, work on homework or simply kickback and unwind after a long day.

An Aroma rice cooker’s value doesn’t end at just rice. With an included steam tray, Aroma rice cookers are able to steam meats and vegetables while simultaneously cooking rice. With an Aroma rice cooker a family of four can enjoy an entire meal of chicken, rice and veggies with just minutes of prep time and for under $10!

Aroma rice cookers also cook grains, soups, stews, chilis, oatmeal and even cake. Aroma Housewares website,, boasts an extensive rice cooker recipe database ranging from rice and steamed dishes to omelets, corn bread, burritos and more.

America has begun to take notice. This once niche appliance has seen explosive growth over the past few years. As nearly any new Aroma rice cooker owner will gladly exclaim, once you’ve had an Aroma rice cooker, you can’t imagine life without one.



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