Meet Jibarito and Jibarita!

The lunch date at the La Palma Restaurant (1340 Homan Ave., Chicago) was postponed many times. The entire Viatimes and CPRTV family just couldn’t agree on a date to have a tasting of Don Kramer’s authentic Puerto Rican cafeteria-style menu offerings. We finally made it — we had lots of fun and big belly of eats. Just imagine devouring the whole perfectly seasoned Pernil (roast pork) which is La Palma Restaurant’s very popular food served or for take-outs.

The great tasting Tostones or fried green plantains with garlic dip was just one perfect starter. Although Filipinos love ripe plantains deep fried with sprinkles of brown sugar (banana-cue or banana-q) or wrapped first in lumpia wrapper with a strip of nangka (ripe jackfruit) before frying (turon), it is easy to fall in love also with tostones.

We tasted: cabrito guisado (goat stew), jibarito (chicken or steak filling with fried green plantain substituted for bread), jibarita (like jibarito but this time ripe plantain is used). For dessert, tembleque or coconut custard was soft, not too sweet and so divine.

I would love to go back to La Palma again, there are lots more Puerto Rican eats to taste like —

Pastelillos (Fried Ground Beef Pocket)

Sorullos de Maiz (Corn Fritters)

Carne Frita (Fried Thick Bacon)

Costillas Guisadas (rib Stew)

Pinchos (Pork shish-ka-bob)

Pasteles (Pork tamales)

Pastelillos De Guayaba (Guava Pastry)

And there’s that bachata music playing in the background…perfect!

For the CPRTV shoot, I sat down with Don Kramer and Jean (I was getting hungry while doing the interview, I just was in a hurry to wrap it up…yummy food really!)…


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