Yes, they truly exist…The Buffalo Guys, Ken Klemm and Peter Thieriot. Met and had a great chat with these guys in a private buffalo tasting at the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago. I love beef, burgers and all…but buffalo meat, mmm now wait a minute.

But then I remembered I had reservations about eating monkey tapa (marinated monkey beef slices) in my childhood…I had a bite, and another bite, and I did eat more, verdict: it was that good. So I did the same mindset with the buffalo tasting, I just had to taste. And the variety of offerings was simply irresistible…

*sausages (Andouille, Polish and Bratwurst)

*steaks (filet mignon, rib eye, and filet of sirloin)

*burgers (all natural)


*and even buffalo jerky…all truly flavorful!  And I really feasted on the hot chili with all natural ground buffalo!  And this is me…with my bowl of chili!

In my interview with the Buffalo Guys for the Chicago Philippine Reports TV, Ken and Peter answered the simple question, “Why Eat Buffalo?”…Buffalo simply tastes great and it is nature’s best meat…period! After learning that buffalo scores favorably lower on calories, fats and cholesterol when compared to beef, pork and skinless chicken…now who wouldn’t want BUFFALO.

Me?  oh sorry I ate most of ’em…look…

More information about ordering, easy recipes and cooking tips, health benefits can be found via their website:  www.TheBuffaloGuys.com.

We had fun!


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