So what comes to your mind when you hear the word “bubbly”? Bubbly personality…lively, high-spirited…that last one is just the perfect description of “bubbly”. And boy, that night at the Pops for Champagne bar in State Street, when the vivacious Maria Hunt joined the eager crowd for her book signing, spirits were really high, and the champagne drinks just even made the spirits higher and higher. Featured cocktail drink was a creative cocktail drink with Pomegranate…oh la la! And I was impressed she was in a fuschia party dress, she was the star of the night!

Maria and I had a “girlie” chat. Would you believe that Maria has been fascinated with sparkling wine since the age of seven…what!!!…I could only think of enjoying Sarsi drink at age 7, and certainly it was no champagne.

Maria Hunt is a Culinary Institute of America certified wine professional, a food and drink writer and a lifestyle expert. In her book The Bubbly Bar: Champagne & Sparkling Wine Cocktails for Every Occasion, Maria shares more than 57 recipes and secrets behind mixing great sparkling wine and champagne cocktails…and yes, even for the novice home bartender (oh yes, me included!). Even her themed cocktail book chapters were just “bubbling”…Bubbletinis, Mixed and Muddled, Florals, Rose-Colored Glasses, Fruitful Fizz, Latin Libations (ay-yay-yay!) and Happy Endings. So there’s the ‘tinis, sangrias, cocktails with sorbets that is just great to serve with brunch…or a barbecue.

The Bubbly Bar book is a must have for party hostesses and available at Barbara’s Book Store for only $ 17.00. Now that’s a tip for your next holiday gift buys…hurry, get at least 2 copies.


Yes, Maria, specially when you share it with a “HOT” bartender!


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