Let’s break away from serious posts and serious eats for a while.  The display of luxury dinners after luxury dinners (200 blogposts vying to advance in the Next Food Blog Star competition) just was an overload and made me exit my pc.  After moving around the kitchen area looking for some “munchies”, I found myself staring at a single banana (plantain) on top of my dinner table. There was no way that I could let a banana by himself for a long time, that couldn’t be right at all.  I needed to do something, anything.

Case background: There were originally 3 plantains, 2 luxuriously bathed in my steaming hot chicken stew with quarters of green cabbage, small red potatoes, aromatics/seasonings (ginger, red pepper flakes, fish sauce and garlic), squirts of lime juice and sprinkles of cilantro). And then there was one banana —alone, lonely and desperately seeking attention.

Culinary solutions:

1) Cut ’em, smash ’em, and fry ’em for a Puerto Rican fare, TOSTONES. Good idea but I’d rather have jibarito (steak sandwich with fried plantains as buns). And also the garlic dip…bad idea for an intimate nite.

Sample of jibarito, tostones and the tostones smashing block…

2) Turon (sliced plantains, bits of jackfruit and sprinkles of brown sugar enveloped in a paper-thin pastry wrapper) for one —nah, lotsa work, no way.

Sample of turon…


3) Maruya (plantain slices coated with thick batter and fried and dusted with white sugar) could be an option if am sharing with the family. But to do that I would need at least half a dozen of plantains.

Sample of maruya…

4) Banana-q (deep-fried whole plantain with caramelized brown sugar) ain’t happening, we had enough oil spill.

sample of banana-q…

And then came Perry Mason and as always, he solved the case of the “desperate” nana.  Poor ‘nana received a guilty verdict and his sentence — 

***stabbed (use fork, 2 stabs on each side)

***covered in wet robe (wrap unpeeled banana with wet paper towel)

***zapped for 5 minutes.


Nana’s loss was my “guilty pleasures” gain, that was justice at its finest. Time to enjoy ‘Nana, LOL!










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