The No Calorie but Delicious NoOodle

“Terri, you have got to be kidding!”

“A No Calorie Noodle — omg, are you saying this nice looking noodle strand has in fact no calories, no net carbs, no fat, no soy, no gluten and no preservatives, for real?

“That’s impressive Terri, but tell you what, we will drive to your restaurant, Lincolnshire Gourmet in Highland Park, to check this NoOodle. But just so you know, we only love food that tastes great.”

Drive, drive, drive more…thanks to GPS…we arrived at Lincolnshire Gourmet. It was just after lunch, but loyal patrons and curious walk-ins occupied most of the tables. Terri Rogers, chef and owner of the restaurant, wasted no time and introduced us to a single serving, nicely-packed strands of NoOodles. The Nooodles are slightly plumper than angel hair pasta and is in a solution, but requires no refrigeration.

Terri gave us a quick DIY (do it yourself) steps of getting the NoOodles ready for cooking.

“Empty contents into colander, rinse under cold water for one minute, snip NoOodles to desired length. Heat NoOodles in a nonstick skillet over medium heat until all liquid evaporates. Toss with favorite sauce, sauteed vegetables, proteins such as grilled chicken and continue cooking until flavors meld”.

Now the moment of truth, I ordered the Terri-yaki Chicken, yes, Terri, I get it. Don’t we all love Teriyaki flavors, the exciting blend of soy sauce and ginger. Terri adds a citrus touch to her Teriyaki sauce — orange juice. And with grilled chicken, can this NoOodle fail to impress. OMG, it’s yummm with triple m. The noodles were sturdy and soaked in the flavors of teriyaki sauce. It was a successful dish and the plate was nicely presented…well, it has a stamp of Lincolnshire Gourmet. And no time wasted again, Terri led the way to the kitchen area. And it was time for a demo from the Chef. Chicken was already nicely grilled. So to the heated wok, veggies were sauteed and the rest of the ingredients were then tossed with the teriyaki sauce. Simple, easy, fast!

Fresh from the kitchen— Terri-yaki NoOodles

Samples of Heat ‘n Eat refrigerated entrees were then shown to us…

Ultra-Lite Primavera – 30 calories per package (fresh vegetables and NoOodles tossed in a light broth)

Mamma Mia! Marinara – 70 calories per package (NoOodles in zesty marinara sauce)

Terri-yaki Chicken – 90 calories per package (I just had this and I want some more of it!)

Say Cheese, Pleeze! – 140 calories per package (NoOodles in creamy cheese sauce)

Check out for the health benefits of NoOodle and yes, you can order your supply of NoOodle from the website.

I love this NoOodle, it’s guilt-free, really!


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