2010 Holiday Goodies

I can tolerate holiday shopping, even last-minute trips to the mall, but only if, and only if, I’m buying myself or my hubby a Christmas present (call it exchange gifts, and we always shop together, so no surprise at all, but gift is a gift!).

For friends or family gifts, my kitchen, particularly my oven, will take care of the “gifts from the kitchen” holiday treats. Last year, my gift bags included lime snowballs, diva divine brownies, tarts and premium ensaimada. They all enjoyed my “freshly baked and really-homemade” baking creations and they all look forward to the 2011 repertoire.

TARTS: ube, nangka and pineapple

Lime Snowballs

Diva divine brownies

Mmmm, I just love giving away premium ensaimada, tender and “just-the-right-amount-of-sweetness” brioche buns topped with buttercream and grated cheddar cheese. A total of 12 whole eggs goes into one batch of this premium sweet bread dough, coiled and baked till just puffy and crust turns light brown.

Premium ensaimada (Sweet Bread)

And pairing the sweet buns with: (1) “disappearing-fast mango bars” with dried Philippine mango bits and chopped peanuts and (2) melts-in-the-mouth cookies (really really melts away!).

And this year, I got to make a “CelebrEATy Calendar”, sweet.


Happy Holidays to all!



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