My CelebrEATy elves make me laugh hard

Who says Christmas is no fun at all, but a lot of work? Last-minute shopping, done. Holiday foods to-do list, done. Santa red cute dress tried out, done. Christmas cards and gift cards all sent out, done. Holiday food give-aways baked and packaged, done. Well, now that work is done, it is time to have fun, lots of Christmas fun.

I got no clue what Christmas fun is, until a friend told me to do the “Elf Yourself” thang. Me, elf? I know elves get busy this time of the year helping out Santa Claus in the North Pole.

But when I visited the site:, what fun it was creating elves, 5 at a time.

So, go ahead and get your elves do the Christmas dance…and I guarantee lots of laughter. And I thought of Celebrity chefs to share this fun time with me….so I summoned: Julia Child, Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray and Curtis Stone. The child in me is all happy celebrating this Christmas fun.

and the elves are now ready to show off their dancing skills…









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