Ria and TJ: An Avon Love Story

They met while working with AVON Philippines, and it wasn’t a Match.com production (so I’d say this marriage is “for better or for worse”).   It wasn’t the case either of  “we’re not getting any younger, let’s get married NOW!”, they waited until: first, there was no doubt one can’t exist without the other (mmm, I just made this up, but I could see from their eyes and DPA or display of public affection) and second, family of Ria approved  TJ’s marriage proposal (and trust me, it was far more difficult than getting a “yes” from the bride, lol).   And the wedding preparations began.  We got our invites from chatting with my “wonderful” cousin Bombai in Facebook, if I remember right, it was like 9 months before the actual wedding last November 2010.  We were on board, and we purchased our San Francisco-bound plane ticket.

Fast forward.   We got to our Sofitel room just past lunchtime and was greeted with some welcome goodies — Polvoron, macadamia nuts, Hopia and Avon products.  Boy, it was a temptation and we were really wanting some good food after some hours flying.  That was really sweet…great job San Francisco wedding planners, you’re hired.  Yummy!

Family, friends, other guests trekked to San Francisco from different parts of the globe — Philippines, California, Arizona and Illinois.  It was a reunion of sorts, and the family just got bigger and bigger.  So many kids and “bulilits”  — age from 1 to 92 hehe.   There was a planned wedding rehearsal the day we got to SF and it was more “saying hellos” than really paying attention to the Minister’s last-minute instructions.   Chowtime followed —we feasted on some fried chicken and Philippine foods courtesy of Max’s chicken.  And the “guys and dolls” went into separate hotel rooms for the bachelor and bachelorette parties.  Again the “wedding planners: Rachel, Bombai, etc” did a marvelous job of mixing games, movie slides and party foods.  The guys — there were lotsa beer bottles emptied and “a stripper? am not really sure”.

And I found these photos in my Ria and TJ wedding folder in my computer.  Breakfast food photos at the hotel lobby.  The sourdough bread with pesto dip was awesome.  I ordered the omelet and Glenn had a burger.

Again fast forward.  The wedding ceremony photos — the bride and groom were just one happiest couple.

Now the celebration part.   Other family wedding photos were on display.  Again, brilliant idea from the SF wedding planners.

Not sure why I only have photos of the “starter” foods and the dessert table.   But really there was enough food to feed the “whole army”.   Hats-off again to the wedding planners for choosing the absolutely delicioso offerings from Sofitel.

Here’s the wonderful fondant wedding cake in purple color:

And the groom and the bride enjoyed it!

Best wishes again to “Avon” lovebirds, Ria and TJ.  May we get to hear the cries of the “little birds” soon.

Lastly, a big thank you to Bombai and Tony for making sure we enjoyed our San Francisco R & R.   “Got a package” too from the sweetest couple this week: Valerio Hopia Baboy and a fuschia “coach” purse — I love you guys!

Hasta la vista!


5 thoughts on “Ria and TJ: An Avon Love Story

  1. this is superfab! i’m looking at and experiencing our own big day through someone else’s eyes and heart. wonderful, THANK YOU gid! i was smiling the whole time i was going over this feature.
    by the way, that “San Francisco planner” you kept referring to was actually multitasking as the bride, too!!! 🙂
    we send you a Christmas/Thank You card last year. about 3 weeks ago, it found its way back into our mailbox — returned to sender! don’t know how that happened, so sorry!
    but know that we’ll always be your fans.

    • now who could have done a much better magnificent job of multitasking….the bride herself….Bravo magnifico…really awesome wedding, an unforgettable event. And am sure sis Joan was also behind it and Rechel (Ching), love those 2 “never-seen-them-stressed” dahlins. Take care

  2. hello!! LOve the article u posted dedicated to the lovebirds! We enjoyed ur company soooo much tooo much, that after the wedding, with the absence of ur presence, we still kept reminiscing ur style of singing and action. Love the presence of glen too. im soo glad we got to meet him and u meeting my lovely fam as well. miss y ou and take care always. don tknow when we’ll get to see each other again. i hope it wont take yeeears! love you both!

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