Sofitel, Thalassa and a Low-Calorie Pannacotta with Fresh Berries recipe

Chrissy Cox, the Public Relations Manager of Sofitel  in Chicage Water Tower, added our names to among the many guests attending Sofitel Chicago Water Towers’s Thalassa cocktail event this month of February and sent this confirmation:

“Hi Sarah,
Tonight’s event will be a reception-style event, with passed food and bar stations. An hour into the event, we will take guests (if they choose) into the kitchen for a brief cooking demo. You can certainly film during this demo.
It’s certainly possible to speak with the Thalassa culinary team, as well as a spokesperson about the event. If you’re okay with an arrival time of 4:45, then you can be all set up and ready to interview the chef and dietician right at 5pm. (We anticipate a majority of the guests will arrive at 5:15, 5:30, so 5pm sharp will be a quiet time to do the interview.
We can have our General Manager, Nicolas Pesty speak on behalf of the hotel, events, promotions, etc.
When you arrive at 4:45, I will wait for you at the Grand Staircase on the ground level of the hotel.

We arrived just in time to be able to have a short interview for the CelebrEATy Circle with the Thalassa’s (a major brand in well-being in Europe) chef (Patrik Jarno), dietitian (Cecile Clavel) and the General Manager of Sofitel Dietitique Quiberon (Jacquest Bourguignon).

Sofitel Luxury Hotel presents a new low-calorie gastronomy program in partnership with Thalassa sea and span.  Based on the intrinsic healing powers of seawater, Thalassa sea and spa promotes harmony between the body and mind and the benefits of balanced nutrition.  In addition:

A)  Chef Patrik Jarno created all the low-calorie recipes (healthy meals without sacrificing flavor)  used in the Thalassa program (journey through low-calorie gastronomy)

b)  Personalized weight loss plans, exercises and fitness programs

c)  Sofitel Thalassa guests wanting and looking to slim down and shape up will be treated to a unique thalassotherapy treatment that combines, diet, daily fitness activity, seawater spa body wraps plus a relaxing massage.

d)  Therapy starts with a 6-day program (guests benefit from this Thalassotherapy for 3 to 6 months:  more relaxed, less pain, less tired).

For more information, visit website:

Titah V loved the floral arrangements.

Glenn and Tito Joe enjoyed sips of cocktails and bites of hors d’oeuvres.

Me…I enjoyed watching unique cooking styles of Chef Jarno at the Sofitel kitchen.  He cooked salmon fillets over a bed of shredded carrots and fennel, pretty cool!

And am enjoying the wonderful new spa products by Thalassa:  body scrub and body moisturizer; they smell so gooooooooooood!

Here’s the Pannacotta recipe:

With hints of natural vanilla and the sweetness of honey, this airy dessert is created with soya cream, a dairy-free healthful alternative, and paired with exuberance of fresh raspberries and blackberries.

7.05 oz low fat cream cheese
7.05 oz soya cream
1/2 vanilla bean
2 sheets of gelatin
1.75 oz raspberries
1.75 oz blackberries
.35 oz honey

Soften the sheets of gelatin in cold water.

In a saucepan, warm the soya cream with the vanilla bean on slow heat until it simmers.  Remove the vanilla bean and add the gelatin removed from the heat.  Cool the mixture.

Once cooled, blend the vanilla soya cream mixture with the white cheese.  Reserve mixture in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

To prepare the sauce, reduce the honey with the raspberries and blackberries in a small saucepan over slow heat.  Set aside until room temperature.

In 4 containers, layer the vnailla cream mixture with the sweet berry sauce and serve.  Garnish with fresh mint if desired.


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