At Josh’ Christening Party, Guests Enjoyed My Sweet Table Offerings

Welcome to the Christian World, JOSH!

Josh seemed to understand it is his party….so he really displayed his good behavior the entire 4 hours at Biaggio’s.  Guests one by one arrived and settled in.   It took a while for food to be served, so all the kids enjoyed the usual “runnings” and “posing for Mommy’s camera”.  And I took some snapshots of my own, I just thought the kids were all a delight.

The guests helped themselves to my sweet table offerings:  COCONUT MACAROONS, PICHI-PICHI, BUTTERED PUTO-PANDAN AND CUCHINTA.   Well, I guess, it’s ok to have desserts first when you are that hungry!

The party favorite “LECHON (roast whole pig) was arranged along with my sweets….and appeared to be the centerpiece.

and the wonderful fondant christening cake was also displayed, yummm…with the cupcakes.   When cut later, it was red velvet cake.

And a nice hello from the Godparents…

Again welcome to the Christian World…JOSH.  Congratulations to proud parents Jay and Rosaelma Villafranca.


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