Rocky Road Brownies

Rocky Road Brownies

I’ve just enjoyed scoops after scoops of rocky road ice cream to get me so inspired to create a “first-for-me” Rocky-Road Brownies.

I knew I could count on Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies Mix and had just to follow box directions and spread brownie batter in a lightly-greased (nonstick sprayed) 13 x 9 x2 pan.   Baked it for 25 minutes

And as soon as pan was removed from the oven and placed in wire rack, I immediately covered the brownies with a single layer of miniature white marshmallows.  I returned this to oven for  a mere 5 minutes additional baking.

Then I sprinkled some coarsely chopped peanuts and drizzled 1 cup of semi-sweet chocolate morsels that I zapped in the microwave on 10-second intervals until nicely melted.

I let the chocolate set in the refrigerate for about an hour.   And cutting the brownies into bars was just an exhilaration.

I brought the bars to a party…and in minutes….the bars were nowhere to be found.  Who ate more than 1 bar…who knows!  But am sure it made him/her sooo choco-rific.


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