Fresh Mango (Loco) Bars

Fresh Mango Bars

I found some ripe Philippine mangoes in the produce section…bright yellow mangoes, both sweet and tart enough to make a big difference in my homemade mango bars.

I started with a basic mango bar recipe…shortbread crust, snipped dried mangoes, coarsely chopped nuts and an egg custard mixture for the binder.

I wasn’t too certain about the outcome with incorporating mango curd into the custard, but I went ahead just the same, with high high hopes for a wonderfully yummy end result.

It baked nicely and really turned out to be a “winner” of a baked recipe.   It’s mango loco feeling!

Use an electric knife to cut into bars or squares.

Note on mangoes…Mangoes should smell sweet and be fairly firm when gently pressed.  To hasten ripening of mangoes, place the mangoes in a paper bag and let them ripen at room temperature for some days.


7 thoughts on “Fresh Mango (Loco) Bars

  1. Can I please get the full recipe for this mango bar recipe? I’ve been looking for this particular recipe and I think this is it!!! Thanks.

  2. Hi, hope you can still share your recipe for this, though this post has been here for quite a while already. Thanks!

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