Menu Offerings at the Chicago Filipino-American Hall of Fame

Recipients of the 2011 Chicago Filipino-American Hall of Fame were introduced and awarded their precious crystal trophies at the induction ceremonies held recently at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Downtown Chicago.  Man of the Year, Billy Dec, owner of Sunda Restaurant, had the loudest applause.

These were enjoyed:


***International Artisan Cheese Display (Handcrafted Cheeses with freshly baked bread stick, lavosh & baguettes accompanied by home made chutney, organic honey, roasted nuts and dried fruits)

***Custom Spring Rolls

***Thai Spiced Beef Skewers


***Local Spring Greens (Accompanied by Hearts on Palm, Avocado, Citrus Fruits & Spicy Pecans,  Red Wine Vinaigrette & Orange Vinaigrette)


***6 oz Peppercorn Encrusted Sirloin with Merlot Demi Glace accented by 2 shrimp on a rosemary skewer served with baby leek anna potato (AWESOME!)

***Asparagus & Artichoke ragout accented with a red pepper ribbon


***Pineapple Tart Tatin with Black Pepper Cream Sauce Served Warm (SIMPLY PERFECT, TART N SWEET)

***Ice Cream Sundae Station

Congratulations to Producer Veronica Leighton!


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