Veronica Leighton is my “MOM of the Year”

“If Barbara Walters wants you to describe Veronica Leighton in one word, what will it be and why?”

Tita V. has endured so many hurdles in her lifetime and she always comes out very strong, undeniably competent, with ageless charm and beauty, and her compassion is unquestionable. She, essentially, epitomizes the character of an undisputable Fil-Am leader, truly, indestructible.  (RYAN TEJERO)

BRILLIANT — Ninang V is a very smart lady.  (ALICIA MONK)

PURPOSEFUL —She never wastes her time in non productive tasks. (MA. GIRLIE PASCUAL)

HELPFUL — She helps a lot of people with different ethnic backrounds. (JAMES DC)

DETERMINED — Very determined to succeed.  Against all odds,  Titah V is one success story. (GLENN TURNER)

VA-VA-VOOM — She exudes tasteful sexiness — and when she walks into a room, expect heads turning. (SARAH LEE)

RESILIENT — She could be anywhere, anything, everywhere, wherever, whenever.  That lady can deal with life very gracefully.  (FLOR KRAIMER)

UNWAVERING — Like the bamboo, she bends against the winds of adversity, but never breaks. (ELSIE SY-NIEBAR)

GENUINE — As you dig the real meaning of “veronica”, it says “true image”.   She’s genuine in everything that she does.   She’s priceless like a real gem.  I love her and would like to share this love until the last days of my life.   As I have always said, Nangni V is my second Mom here in Chicago!  (JOVIE CALMA SANTOS)

ROMANTIC — I should know! (JOE MAURICIO)

So many ways to describe Venus Veronica Leighton, but one WORD that we all can agree….



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