Hello summer, Hello Emeri Sparkling Wines

Emeri Sparkling Pinot Grigio


My thanks to Olga Haley for sharing this press release of Emeri Wines.

Summer is back!   And chillin’ and chilaxin’ is what we look forward to at the end of each summer day.  Sharing chilled sparkling wines  that scream “refreshing, light and easy” while sitting by the pool and conversing with friends…that is the my ideal vision of a summer “chill out”.

What wines do you choose to pair with the “cool foods” of summer?  Emeri De Bortoli’s Australian white sparkling wines are a great choice.

Emeri De Bortoli asks, ‘Do you know which wines to pair with summer?’

Hot weather is on the way, or already has arrived in some regions of the U.S. so attention turns to food and drink with this question, “How do you pair certain foods and wines?”

A better question to ask is, “Which wines do you pair with summer?” The answer comes from Emeri De Bortoli, matriarch of one of Australia’s premier wineries and the namesake for the growing brand of Emeri sparkling wines that are now available at many U.S. retailers, restaurants and bars.

“You could not find a more perfect summer drink than our Sparkling Pinot Grigio or Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc,” she said. “When chilled and served in frosted flutes, these wines provide not only a lovely, refreshing drink but they also lend an air of celebration to even an ordinary day.”

In addition to thousands of glistening bubbles floating to the surface, Emeri’s sparkling wines also are on track with an international trend toward a lighter taste and lower alcohol content—in the range of 8% to 12%.

“In the U.S., one trend is for sweeter wines and we are very pleased that another of our sparkling wines, Emeri Pink Moscato, is now the fastest growing product of its kind,” said Craig Orchard, De Bortoli’s vice president, USA sales.

What goes with sparkling wines?

Now, back to the question about pairing foods and wines. Most wine experts say these pairings are an individual choice since every person comes away with a different experience when tasting various wines and foods. However, there are some helpful guidelines when it comes to sparkling wines since they tend to complement lighter appetizers, some salads, seafood and specific desserts.

Pairing suggestions

Appetizers—Shrimp prepared in a variety of ways, stuffed mushrooms, raw oysters
(but not with lemon or vinegar) and milder cheeses such as gouda, brie, cheddar (but
not medium or sharp) and fois gras.

Meals—Some vegetarian dishes, like grain or pasta-based salads are great with
sparkling wines but the best meal pairings are with seafood like lobster, scallops,
steelhead, shrimp, and sushi.

Chilled summer soups served in pretty, bright-colored bowls are the perfect
introduction to dinner outdoors on a warm, summer evening.

Desserts—Primarily fruits (melons, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries)
and chocolates (good with most wines year-round), but also cheesecakes, fruit desserts
like tarts and cobblers with homemade ice cream. For simplicity’s sake, cookies
are a good choice too as long as they are sugar, shortbread, thumbprint or other
lighter selections. To make your celebration even more special, feature white and dark
chocolate-dipped strawberries with Emeri’s chilled Sparkling Pinot Grigio.

For more information, visit website:    http://www.emeri.us

Emeri Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc


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