BRUNCH Opens in Chicago

It’s calling for a “cock’s-crowing” mornification — and in bold letters, the restaurant screams BRUNCH…today, tomorrow, any day.   Organic eggs.  BYO (build your own) Skillets.  Housemade Corned Beef Hash.  Breakfast Burrito.  Red Velvet Pancakes.  Strawberry Stuffed French Toast.  Brunch Burger with sweet onion bacon marmalade.  Fresh Squeezed Juices.  Specialty Coffee.  Lunch Boxes.  BRUNCH manager Michelle Corna was so excited to meet the CPRTV crew (Veronica, Joe and me) at the Grand Opening of the BRUNCH.  And after a few bites of “chicken or egg crostini” over gulps of morning-fresh Mimosa, it was time for the camera to roll.  Into the private conference room (equipped with teleconference system, way too cool yes!), I sat down with the smiling Executive Chef Daniel Tibbetts and Manager Michelle Corna.   Chef mentioned he starts his day at the restaurant at 4:00 a.m.   Congratulations to BRUNCH.  And I have to say, I’m very impressed — the sampler bites were all rated “Phenomenal” and the staff (in sort of light brown shirt with BRUNCH logo) were well-trained and very friendly.   Even if you would have your shoes shined while enjoying sips of espresso and reading morning newspaper, BRUNCH has the functional shoe shine booth to get you comfy “in-style”.   The restaurant is open daily from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.  The restaurant is easily accessible by public transportation.  For additional information, visit

Chicago, IL – Brunch, a new restaurant opening in River North in late May at 343 West Erie, promises to be the place for breakfast and lunch in Chicago. Featuring a modern, environmentally-friendly interior, in addition to contemporary menu items, including a Tea-Braised Chicken and Egg sandwich, Breakfast sliders, and Apple Pancakes, it’s like Mom used to make, only better.  Appealing not only to the leisure breakfast and lunch crowd, Brunch distinguishes itself with several unique features that will appeal to local businesspeople. The restaurant will feature a shoe shine booth, a private meeting room equipped with a teleconference system and Wi-Fi, a newsstand, and a convenient express station located at the front of the restaurant, which offers pastries, espresso, and coffee to-go.

Under the direction of Executive Chef Daniel Tibbetts, the menu features a mix of classic brunch items like over-easy eggs and toast, as well as a wide variety of omelets, pancakes, pastries, and lunch items, including sandwiches, burgers, soups, and salads.  The dining room will also spotlight its breakfast bar with fresh, cooked-to-order waffles, smoothies, and a wide variety of soda, and organic beverages.

An ideal spot for businesspeople, Brunch houses a private meeting room adjacent to the dining room, which is equipped with a teleconference system and Wi-Fi.  Prior to any meeting, professionals can get a quick shoe shine at the shoe shine booth and read the daily news from the flashing news ticker above the breakfast bar.  Brunch is also proud to offer a selection of take-away pastries and coffees at its express station, which is perfect for the busy entrepreneur or Mom on-the-go.

Brunch focuses on environmental sustainability with a special reusable coffee mug program, which allows customers to bring in their own coffee mugs to use for hot drinks, in an effort to reduce the amount of water wasted when washing dishes.  Patrons also have the choice to leave their mugs at the restaurant, which will then be put into a regular rotation with the rest of the serving dishes.  In addition, Brunch utilizes take-away boxes made from recycled material.

Meant for sharing, but after one bite you won’t want to.
Eggland’s best deviled eggs 5.00  like mom used to make only better
Strawberry stuffed French toast bites 7.00  stuffed with fresh strawberries and whipped cream cheese
Chicken or the egg crostini 7.00   sampling of our tea braised chicken salad and egg salad
“corn dog” Bites 6.00   Raisin River chicken sausage surrounded by fluffy buttermilk pancake
Mini pancake sampler 7.50   collage of buttermilk, red velvet and banana pancakes
Loaded brunch potatoes 7.00  house sausage, salsa, jalapeño crema, aged cheddar
Fruit tree 7.00  Brunch’s signature hanging fresh fruit display

two eggs any style over Brunch potatoes  and choice of toast or English muffin
Brunch Skillet 10.00
eggs over easy atop pancetta, sweet potato, Yukon gold hash with goat cheese and fresh herbs
Chi-Town Skillet 11.50
house sausage, Jones  cherrywood bacon, aged cheddar, roasted  tomatoes, caramelized onions and Jalapeño
Stephen’s Skillet 11.00   spicy jalapeño and roasted tomato ratatouille over brunch potatoes topped with poached eggs and mozzarella

Build your own Omelet 10.50*
Omelets served with Brunch potatoes and toast or English muffin

Build your own Skillet 10.50*
Skillets served with Brunch potatoes and toast or English muffin
Choose One:
house sausage, Jones cherrywood bacon,Raisin River ham,roasted pork, grilled chicken
Choose One:
caramelized onions, roasted peppers, sautéed mushrooms,roasted tomatoes, jalapeños, baby spinach
Choose One:
aged cheddar, feta, parmesan, Swiss*any substitution or additions of listed items 1.50

Grama’s recipes come to the city
Buttermilk Pancakes 7.00  The fluffy originals topped with vanilla butter
Caramelized Apple Pancake 8.00  Baked to order and topped with cinnamon apple butter
Red Velvet Pancakes 9.00  Drizzled with sweet cream cheese glaze
Thick Cut French toast 7.50   Challah with citrus crème anglaise
Chocolate and Dried Cherry French toast 11.00  Decadent peanut butter whipped cream and chocolate drizzle
Strawberry stuffed French toast 8.00  Stuffed with fresh strawberries and whipped cream cheese
Belgian Style Waffle 7.00  Macerated seasonal fruit and whipped cream
Whole Wheat Waffle 8.00   Lemon orange marmalade
“Monte cristo” Waffle 10.00  Raisin River ham, herb roasted turkey, Swiss

Mornication Combination 8.00
Two eggs any style, bacon or house sausage, Brunch potatoes,  andchoice of toast, English muffin or silver dollar pancakes
Seasonal Quiche 10.00  Please ask your server about today’s selection
served with mixed green salad or fresh fruit
Classic Eggs Benedict 11.00
Two poached eggs over grilled Canadian bacon on an English muffin with  chipotle hollandaise – served with Brunch potatoes
Roasted Pork Eggs Benedict 12.00
Two poached eggs over savory roasted pork on an English muffin with chipotle hollandaise – served with Brunch potatoes
Yard and Coup 16.00  Intelligentsia coffee rubbed hanger steak with two  over easy eggs and Brunch potatoes
Goat cheese and chive French Omelet 9.50   served with fresh fruit and toast or English muffin

Brunch Classics Or soon to be classics
Gravy Train on Biscuit Wheels 7.00  Drop biscuits smothered in peppery house sausage gravy
Power Breakfast 9.00  Sautéed spinach and fresh tomato egg white scramble with Raisin River chicken apple sausage and fresh fruit
Corned Beef Hash 8.00  Housemade corned beef hash with two over easy eggs and choice of
toast or English muffin
Bagel and Lox 9.50  NYC everything bagel served with Norwegian smoked salmon, whipped chive cream cheese, tomato, red onion and capers
Brunch Sliders 8.50  Two fried egg sliders on toasted ciabatta B.E.L.T. (bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato) and today’s slider  served with Brunch potatoes or Brunch chips
Slumber Party 8.00   Raisin River chicken apple sausage wrapped in a French toast New England style roll served with maple syrup and Brunch potatoes
Breakfast Burrito 8.50   Scrambled eggs, aged cheddar, and house sausage wrapped in a spinach
tortilla – served with Brunch potatoes, jalapeño crema and salsa fresca
Brunch Bowl 6.00   Fat free yogurt with housemade honey granola and fresh fruit
McCann’s Irish Steel Cut Oatmeal 6.00   Topped with berry compote and honey

Keep your greens about you fresh, local, crisp, delicious
House Greens 6.00  Mixed greens, cucumber, grape tomatoes, choice dressing
“Scotch Egg” Salad 9.00  Prosciutto wrapped and panko crusted egg over mixed greens, roasted roma tomatoes, red onions, Brunch vinaigrette  Quartered iceberg, bleu cheese, crispy bacon, grape tomatoes, chipotle ranch
Bibb lettuce Salad 9.00   bibb lettuce, caramelized pearl onions, orange segments, toasted pecans, goat cheese, citrus vinaigrette
Power Lunch 8.00  whole wheat pasta salad, baby spinach with citrus vinaigrette, roasted vegetables
Cobb Salad 10.00   Chopped iceberg, hardboiled egg, crispy bacon, avocado, tomatoes, grilled chicken, bleu cheese crumbles, ranch
Panzanella Salad 8.00  Grape tomatoes, cucumber, shaved red onion, garlic croutons, basil, Brunch vinaigrette

served with house b & b pickles and Brunch chips
substitute whole wheat pasta salad or fresh fruit for 1.50
Cheese Burger 9.00  angus beef burger topped with choice of Swiss, De Mill cheddar
or bleu cheese
Brunch Burger 10.00  angus beef burger topped with De Mill Cheddar and sweet onion
bacon marmalade on a pretzel roll
B.L.T. 8.00  Jones cherrywood bacon, lettuce, tomato, thyme aioli on toasted stirato
(add a fried egg 2.00)
Caprese Panini 8.50   Fresh mozzarella, sliced roma tomato, basil, olive oil, cracked black pepper on pressed rustic white (add prosciutto 3.00)
Roasted Pork Cuban 11.00   Roasted pork, Raisin River ham, Swiss, whole grain mustard,
and sliced house pickles on a pretzel roll
Chicken or the Egg 10.00   Tea braised chicken salad and Brunch’s egg salad served open faced
atop bibb lettuce and tomato on whole grain
Turkey and Boursin Panini 8.00  Sliced herb roasted turkey, boursin cheese, roasted red peppers,
and julienne basil on pressed rustic white
Corned Beef Reuben 10.00  Housemade corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss, thousand island on grilled rye
Steak Sandwich 13.00  Hanger steak piled onto our signature onion roll with horseradish aioli
Roasted Vegetable Wrap 8.00   Roasted portabella mushrooms and zucchini, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, crumbled feta cheese and basil oil wrapped in a spinach tortilla

hours of operation:   Mon-Fri 6:30am-3pm   Sat & Sun 7am-3pm

See you there!


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