Chef “O” and his Paella a la Viatimes

Before he left for Mallorca, Spain, some months ago, Omar Soriano, Jr. (everyone calls him Chef “O”) promised that he’d call me once he is back in town.

“Hola Sarah! Que tal?”
“I made it back from Mallorca and just graduated from Le Cordon Bleu this past Saturday.”
“I am back and ready for you (wink).  As of now, my schedule is flexible and wide open.”
“Do let me know details on when we can meet.  I did take lots of pictures (Mallorca trip) so I can share them with you and tell you some stories)/”

So we agreed to do our shoot last Wednesday.

“Sounds like a plan!  We are on…I love baking as well, mmm, show me yours and I’ll show mine (Sarah’s comment: Now Chef O you are sounding like Oprah!).”
“I have an awesome cream cheese filled bread.”  (Sarah’s comment: And I’m sure it’s not meant to be shared…ok, just bake me one and I’ll eat em all, lol.)
“I must say…I went to Cafe Iberico after my graduation ceremony and was disappointed with Paella I ordered.  It was too expensive…over-rated.  Even the Sangria was horrible.”
“Perhaps we can make our own twist and see what becomes of it.   Would you like me to do Paella with an Asian twist?  The only thing I can think of, for now, is to add some Patis (fish sauce) and a hint of Ginger hehe.”
“An Asian-infused Paella…I would saute some minced ginger with the onion and garlic…and to finish, drizzle some patis.”
“What do you think?  simple, yet elegant, and full of flavor…”
“I can also make a quick and awesome Sangria if there is time while the Paella is cooking.”
“And I will dress in my Chef whites with black pants and a Mallorca apron.  And for display, I have some cookbooks from gifts and collection that I just started.”

Awesome, awesome.  Chef “O” was so calm in front of the camera.  And his attention to details was remarkable.  He even let us taste his homemade longganisa (he accepts orders for these, yumm!).

He’ll be featured in the CelebrEATy Page in the July issue.  Thanks again Chef “O”…yes, now you’re back and ready to explore new venues…all the best.

Pls visit Chef Omar’s new blog, and get his recipe for Easy Sangria (really so easy and love love it!) and his Asian-infused Paella (with sinigang mix).


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