July 4th at the Rebellos

I hate summer outdoor parties — if ever I’m forced to attend, you’d find me staying indoors watching TV instead.   But yesterday’s July 4th BBQ party at the Rebellos (Tito Gerry and Tita Ellie) was simply perfect.   Not much traffic driving to their place (took us an hour to get to Franklin Park).   Clouds and little breeze were celebrating with us — no sun-protection lotions needed, no electric fans and somehow mosquitoes weren’t disturbed with all the celebration noises.

As soon as the grill was fired and Tita Millete’s 24-hour marinated pork belly were laid out, everyone was ready for “good eats”.    It was all about the bbq — pampano (fish), shrimps and pork, with some diced fresh tomatoes, chopped onion, vinegar dips (with garlic) — and boy, no forks and spoons this time, so casual, so Filipino, so much FUN.

And when it was time for dessert — Chocolate fountain (with fresh strawberries and large marshmallows), Selecta-brand Ube and Mango Ice cream and Halo-halo (shaved ice with all the wonderful goodies: leche flan, ube haleya, sweetened beans, and macapuno, evaporated milk, omg!).

I think this is my favorite holiday from now on — casual dress, no gifts to bring, no special party foods to make.   It’s 4th of July — and it’s a party, baby!


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