Wodka Vodka is one Cheap Chic Vodka

So glad Jordan Cavallero of Stuntman PR introduced me to Wodka Vodka….

“Has the down economy finally reached the luxury spirits market?

While most sectors have been hit hard in the last three years, the so-called “Booze Economy” has remained dramatically resilient.

Forbes reports though that people are tired of the so-called “Grey Goose Effect” of paying more for a puffed-up product.

HYPERLINK “http://blogs.forbes.com/afontevecchia/2011/06/17/wodkas-and-a-new-business-model-cheap-premium-vodka/” Here is a link to the article from this weekend  that discussed the emergence of a what is reportedly “a new business model”: cheap chic vodka.

New affordable, top-rated Wodka vodka — that retails for a mere $9 per bottle.”

Best,   Jordan Cavallero
Stuntman PR

Wodka And A New Business Model: Cheap, Premium Vodka

While no one can deny that consumption is a form of social distinction, it sounds even more absurd to think that people will pay more for an equal product.  Calling the market bluff on the whole premium liquor industry, Wodka Vodka is trying to revolutionize the market with a new business model: cheap, premium vodka.

Grey Goose, along with Ciroc and other premium vodkas, have managed to implant the idea that a higher price tag indicates greater quality, the “Grey Goose effect,” as James Dale, president of Panache Imports and one of the founding members of Wodka calls it.

Dale tells the story of Sidney Frank, dubbed “booze baron” by HYPERLINK “http://www.foxbusiness.com/personal-finance/2011/03/21/vodka-quality-cost/”Fox Business.  Frank’s genius came in recognizing that while the premium vodka market seemed stuck in a price fight at about $15 to $17 per bottle (with Absolut inching ahead of the pack), consumers could be convinced that a bottle worth more than $30 was indeed better, when the mark-up was nothing more than pure profit.

And all I need for a needed relaxing evening after a “day in the sun” 4th of July party is Vodka, yes WODKA VODKA baby!  And a classic cocktail came into play…. fresh orange juice, glass filled with ice and Wodka Vodka are the only ingredients you need to make a great, summer drink…Screwdriver.  So easy to make and WODKA VODKA makes it so easy to drink.

Variation: Try enjoying a Cordless Screwdriver instead.  Drink Chilled WQDKA vodka straight from a shot glass.  And follow it with bites into a fresh orange wedge dusted with sugar.

One final note:  A screwdriver is simple to make, but make sure to use freshly squeezed orange juice and WODKA VODKA…it really makes a “difference.  Am tucked in now….and off to a wonderful good night sleep.  Thanks Wodka!



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