Little Griddle

A griddle that fits any size or shape grill…that’s outstanding!  Passing this on to other foodies  who loves grilling or cooking outdoors….


Press Release

Grill-Top Griddle – Cook Anything On A Grill

A great griddle invention that would be a fantastic gift for anyone who likes to grill or cook outdoors.  Called the Little Griddle, it is a line of heavy duty stainless steel grill-top griddles that allow virtually anything to be cooked on a grill.  Fitting easily and securely on any outdoor barbecue grill (rectangular or round), it allows people to use their barbecue to grill and griddle cook simultaneously.  Cleans up easily right on the grill; no need to wash in the sink.  Comes in multiple sizes to fit any grill.

Little Griddle is a line of heavy duty grill-top griddles that shatters all the conventional limits on cooking outside on your grill, allowing virtually anything to be cooked on any grill.  The four styles and six sizes are made of 12 or 14 gauge 430 stainless steel, and these sturdy griddles fits easily and securely on an outdoor barbecue or campfire grill  providing users with a whole new range of outdoor cooking possibilities.

There is a Little Griddle to fit any shape or size grill, round or rectangular, large enough to cook meals like a breakfast of eggs, hash browns, bacon and pancakes, a lunch of philly cheesesteaks or a dinner of the day’s catch, stir fry, burgers with sautéed onions, and so forth.  Some of the units even allow a portion of your grill free for other things.  Griddle your salmon filets with your favorite seasonings; there is no need to wrap them in foil.  You can even bake cookies and pizza on your grill.  It cleans up easily right on the grill, no need to wash in kitchen sink.

Other features include high sidewalls to keep food on the griddle, a full grease trough to eliminate flare-ups and vented cross-bracing to prevent twisting and bending while providing for even heating.   Lifetime warranty.  $69.99 – $449.99 depending on size.   For more information, videos and where to buy visit:


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