Rehydrate with Pure Crystallized Coconut Water

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I love the tube-like sachets, so easy to carry and find ’em inside my purse.  The perforations (to open it) though is a tricky one, probably should be placed much lower from the outer edge.  And the most important part, the taste/flavor.  I love love coconut water.  Coconut water is always refreshing and delicious.  I grew up drinking them fresh from a young immature (meat not so well developed) coconut, both for its yummy flavors and its cleansing effect of the urinary tract.  We buy these canned coconut water with coconut bits regularly, and have a can both for drinks and “dessert”.  And this drink mix is a welcome treat, for hydration and for other health benefits.   I’d enjoy this drink though with 2 sachets and really icy cold water.  I just had a drink as I’m writing this; sure it will get me through the day, I love it.

Press Release


Coconut Water Purity–Eco-Friendly Coconut Water Designed for Convenient, On-The-Go Electrolyte-Rich Hydration

YogaEarth (, purveyor of community-built sustainable products for enhanced wellness and vitality, announced today the launch of a refreshing, healthy alternative to sports drinks – Crystallized Coconut Water, Coconut Water Purity.

Made from 100 percent organic coconut water from Bali, Indonesia, YogaEarth’s Coconut Water Purity provides all of the great taste and nourishment of traditional coconut water in the form of a convenient powder. Easily added to water or any other liquid, each single-serve packet of Coconut Water Purity offers pure hydration on-the-go for everyone from athletes replenishing after intense workouts to busy people in need of quick rehydration.

Designed to be significantly more environmentally-friendly than traditional coconut water, Coconut Water Purity uses far fewer resources to transport, package and store. Additionally, YogaEarth’s Coconut Water Purity is made with only one ingredient – coconuts – and no additives.  By varying the amount of powder added, the concentration can be adjusted to the users preference for everything from “light and refreshing” to “sweet and smooth.”

“At YogaEarth, it is our mission to provide the most innovative, high quality, nutritional products on the market,” said YogaEarth Founder, Daniel Cook.  “We consistently work with the community to create new innovations that satisfy current needs. With our new Crystallized Coconut Water, we are aiming to provide our customers with accessible, pure hydration that is more eco-friendly than what is available in the marketplace today.”

YogaEarth develops its breakthrough products through a “community-built” process that brings together high-profile brand ambassadors and consumers to curate and create the highest quality, healthy sustainable products that combine elegance and eco-design.

Priced at $1.50 for a single pack and $34.95 for a 30-pack, YogaEarth’s Coconut Water Purity is available for purchase at For more information on YogaEarth and Coconut Water Purity, please visit: or join us on Facebook at:

About YogaEarth
YogaEarth is a privately-held company founded in 2008 in Venice, CA that offers a collaborative platform for people inspired by yoga to create enduring products that make a better world. Combining the ancient wisdom of the East with the cutting-edge science of the West, YogaEarth has developed efficacious supplements to enhance life-performance and total well-being. Designed in partnership with 250 of the country’s most experienced yoga teachers, YogaEarth’s inaugural products, Balance (pre-activity) and Vitality (post-activity) were created to support optimal energy balance and well-being, whatever your physical practice. Not just for the yoga practitioner, YogaEarth supplements are used by surfers, climbers, runners, cyclists, pilots, adventurers, and moms everywhere.

For more information visit


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