Dos Mamacitas’ Chorizo Authentico Now in Chicago

I couldn’t hide my excitement about a strong possibility of featuring Dos Mamacitas’ Diane Andrade-Strauss in the CelebrEATy Circle.

So emails back and forth began with Blake Davis of  Strauss Brands announcing,  “We just launched our amazingly delicious Dos Mamacitas Chorizo Authentico in Chicago!”.    And Blake provided this press release….

Strauss Brands proudly introduces Dos  Mamacitas’ Chorizo Authentico to the Chicago Market

Inspired by the classic Hispanic dishes she enjoyed during her childhood,  Diane Andrade-Strauss, wife of Strauss Brands third-generation co-owner, Randy Strauss, is so proud of this traditional, Hispanic sausage with the healthful and humane attributes that Strauss is known for. “Dos Mamacitas chorizo is made according to authentic tradition, with genuine, Hispanic spices and ingredients, resulting in amazing chorizo that is extremely versatile and easy to use. It is the perfect main ingredient for busy parents and avid foodies who need to get quick, easy, delicious and nutritious meals on the table for their families and guests,” said Diane  Strauss.

Chorizo is deeply rooted in Hispanic culture. Traditionally, chorizo is  made with finely chopped or ground pork, blended with a special mix of  spices. Bringing a new twist to the chorizo market, Dos Mamacitas Chorizo Authentico is made from 100% humanely raised veal, giving non-pork-consuming customers the opportunity to enjoy this traditional sausage. Paprika is the signature spice, which gives chorizo its characteristic flavor and distinguishes it from other sausages. Chorizo is not only known for its tangy, smoky flavor, but also for its rich, red color. It can be used to create anything from a simple breakfast to dinner entrees.

Incorporating Dos Mamacitas Chorizo Authentico into your cooking offers an easy way to spice up your family¹s favorite dishes, including quiche, chili, scrambled eggs, salads, enchiladas, quesadillas, tostadas and more. Chorizo has come full circle. Chefs, foodies and busy moms are using it in many creative and delicious ways. You can think of it as a flavorful ingredient that adds a touch of spice to any recipe, and it does so much more. I like to use it at breakfast by sautéing it with scrambled eggs. Mixed with soft, melted goat cheese, it works wonderfully as a dip; stuffed inside dates with almonds and then broiled, it makes a great appetizer. “Creative cooks and chefs everywhere are discovering that chorizo is a versatile and easy-to-use ingredient,” commented Diane.

In the Chicagoland market, Dos Mamacitas Chorizo Authentico is currently available  at Strack & Van Till, Ultra Stores, Fresh Farms, Super Low Foods and Berkot’s  Super Foods, and soon in Jewel-Osco.  A one-pound package typically retails for about $2.79.

Label claims:
All Natural
Minimally Processed, No Artificial Ingredients
Gluten Free
No Nitrates or Nitrites Added
No Binders, Extenders or Fillers

Dos Mamacitas Chorizo Authentico is produced by Strauss Brands, Franklin, Wisc. Strauss Brands is the nation¹s leading producer of humanely and sustainably raised meats.

Veal chorizo…mmm, who doesn’t love nicely seasoned chorizos.   Back home, chorizos are called “longganisa”, and mostly made out of ground pork.  And they’re good, delicious, and so addicting.   Fried chorizos, fried eggs, and rice — that spells “Satisfaction”.

“Great news!  Diane is available for participation in Sarah Lee’s cooking segment.  Please let me know what the next steps are in getting her booked.”  — got this again from Blake after some Q & A via emails.   Wonder what’s Diane sharing with my TV viewers…?

Taping date was set —  and the excitement was really building up.   Details as follows:

*Diane is planning to cook on-air:  (1) The chorizo stuffed dates and  (2) Chorizo Fried Rice.

*A promotion or contest re Diane’s appearance on the show

Before the actual shoot, I made sure I visited  Strauss website and obtained more info on raising methods of veal:   (All of Strauss’ veal is humanely raised, 100% tether-free, 100% crate free and never administered hormones.   Blake sent me this picture of Strauss Free-Raised Veal…

Diane made sure she did her homeworks, she was absolutely ready for the cameras.    She wasn’t too sure what cooking gadgets available for her use in the studio…so she really brought her “entire” kitchen   — convection oven, burner, chopping boards, serving plates and forks, skillet, bowls and more.  Diane even timed how long it was to cook the chorizo, and finish the fried rice and the stuffed dates (Diane, you really surprised me, you are great!).   Diane (with Blake’s assistance) did the prep works and husband Randy was ready to jump in if his strong arms were needed.

And before the camera started to roll, Diane and I went through the presentation sequence.  And for me, really, I couldn’t wait to try the veal chorizos — the stuffed dates with bacon and goat cheese, yummm!  And we did it —- Diane was the chorizo uno mamacita (magnifica) and I completed the duo for the dos mamacitas.

Diane’s recipes of Chorizo Fried Rice and Chorizo Stuffed Dates Appetizer will be in a separate post.

Everyone loved the Dos Mamacitas Veal Chorizo — and I can’t wait to share my recipes using the chorizo.   Now for the giveaway….yes, yes, giveaway….Dos Mamacitas are giving away 5 cases of chorizo (10 lbs, yes 10 lbs per case) this December.  And you can be one of the winners…simply go to the website: and enter your email address.   That’s it, that simple, that easy!
Good luck!

Diane Strauss
Creative Development Director – Strauss Brands

Diane Strauss’s personal philosophy for living an organic, holistic and sustainable lifestyle inspired her to   make a positive difference in the way veal calves are raised.  Her passion and vision for improving the health of children, the foods that we eat and the way they are produced inspired her to help improve an industry that has been branded with controversy.

With a strong knowledge of both design and nutrition she personally went to work in their veal barns, hoping to help her family create a healthier, kinder and more authentic way to raise their veal calves.   Together she and her husband Randy traveled overseas searching for better systems, environments and animal husbandry practices that could be implemented.  After five years of research and development Diane’s personal commitment began to take on new meaning when Free Raised® veal was launched in 2008.  Strauss Free Raised® is a fulfillment of Diane’s vision to raise calves according to centuries-old, authentic pasture-raising practices; always free to roam on open pastures, unlimited access to mothers milk and antibiotic and hormone free.

Diane remains a trusted and valued member of the Strauss Brands advisory team.  She oversees creative development and continues to influence livestock care and company direction.  Diane facilitates new product development through her culinary strengths as an experienced home chef.  Her personal passions are her children, cooking, spreading the message of an all-natural, holistic lifestyle and spending quality time with her husband Randy of 17 years.


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