Tito Joe’s Calamansi Tree

Oh what a delight!….Tito Joe’s Calamansi Tree is bearing lots of “almost-ready-for-picking” calamansi (or Philippine lemon), may not be as big and heavy as local lemons, but each calamansi is packing a good sour and tart-y flavor to sweet treats or savory dishes.

Bistek (Filipino Beefsteak) is simply divine with calamansi, I know beef slices are a bit costly these days, but I wouldn’t mind shopping a pack just to enjoy calamansi….and it brings hundreds of good memories back home.  I also flavor my sponge cake for an exciting Calamansi sponge loaf.

But for me, hot tea with calamansi or sweetened calamansi juice is simply the best!  I can’t wait to come home after a taping with dozens of calamansi.   I’m counting days…am gonna have some calamansi soon….and I think I’m gonna make me a calamansi pie this time!


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