No Turkey Post (not even a turkey leftover recipe)

Not a fan of turkey, roast or fried or steamed…so Jenny-O will never be a friend to me.  I’ve tasted some good, some bad roast turkey in the past — which all needed a good helping of stuffings and cranberry sauce.  What’s turkey with the stuffing and cranberry sauce…BLAND.   I know, I know, I’d be getting some hate comments if I say one more bad thing about turkey.  Actually, here’s my confession.

Glenn’s sister, Gayle,  baked her turkey for 6 hours in the oven…and that spelled YUM to me.  I enjoyed turkey for the first time, it was moist inside, but crispy outside — so good.

So let me just tell you what the family had for Thanksgiving at Gayle’s.  We started with mixed greens — her homemade vinaigrette (she found the recipe online) was perfectly balanced and paired well with the greens.  Then we all had bowls after bowls of the best ever Butternut Squash Soup she cooked for hours in the crockpot.  The soup was velvety-smooth and so flavorful with the addition of cream cheese at the end (I love, love, love it!)…Gayle used a stick blender to really puree all the ingredients.   You really could pour the soup in a cup or a mug and drink it, bottoms-up.

With my “throwed-style” dinner rolls (Glenn ate 3 rolls while driving to Gayle’s house) getting some good attention as well, the conversation was at bare minimum…it was nice, nice, nice.  I love to eat, than converse, at the dinner table.  Gayle placed slices of turkey and it was time to dig-in and enjoy it with a sweet potato casserole (no marsmallow topping, instead sugared walnuts filled up the top part of the casserole, it was grand.

Then it was time to taste my dessert offerings…brought my red velvet custard cake (baked in a bundt pan) and a black-bottom pie.   Gayle loves everything flan…and she loved the cake.  Gayle’s 2 sons enjoyed the pie…and they both gave the pie a 2 thumbs-up.  You see the black-bottom pie recipe in my next post.

So for me, I have no turkey leftover to deal with…and that’s enough to say,  “Thanks for all the great food!”.   Hope you had a good one as well.

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