Sullivan’s Steakhouse kicks off holiday season with Taxi Cab Appreciation Day

We got to Sullivan’s in Downtown Chicago by noontime…and it was a bit chilly, not that cold, and not that windy….so this taxi cab appreciation day by Sullivan’s (2nd year Sullivan’s giving appreciation to hardworking cab drivers) with Sullivan’s staff and crew handing out white paper bags to cab drivers in busy downtown streets was really a great visual.   Joe turned on his video camera right away, making sure the smiles of happy cab drivers were nicely captured as they received their warm turkey chili meals.

We were ushered to the 2nd floor lounge by the wonderful General Manager Keith Sansone (san-so-ne, how he pronounced it!).   He explained renovation works being rushed in the ground floor for a scheduled re-launch of a much better, topnotch Steak Restaurant in Downtown Chicago in a few weeks (days, he was hoping) time.   And we found ourselves at Sully’s lounge (there’s live jazz music nightly).   We exchanged pleasantries with the so-cool GM Keith, and he provided us few bits about Sullivan’s menu offerings, from special cuts of steak, to fresh seafood dishes, to mouth-watering desserts.  Food, drinks and entertainment under one roof…this is my place to be in downtown Chicago.

I enjoyed my interview with GM Keith for the CelebrEATy Circle — If not for some visible (to me) perspiration, I’d say GM Keith was very relaxed in front of the camera.  We focused on the Taxi Cab Appreciation Day, an opportunity for Sullivan’s to give back to the men and women (cab drivers,yes) who serve Chicago residents every day.  This year, Executive Chef Jim Teutemacher prepared his awesome hearthy turkey chili and jumbo cookies (plastic spoon and bottled water included in the white bag).    Over 500 cab drivers were expected to enjoy these delicious holiday treats.

And since we’re doing the filming at the lounge, the Knockout Martini was mentioned.  And oh yes, we had to taste this Sully’s signature martini and we were ready for a “knockout”.    Manager Aaron Henze delighted us (Veronica, Joe and me!) with glasses of Knockout Martini.  Veronica loved it,  Joe enjoyed it, and I consumed 2 glasses of it (now do I need to say what I think about this Martini!).  This Knockout Martini is made with Svedka Clementine Vodka infused with Fresh Hawaiian Gold Pineapples and an Orange Twist…and it’s insanely good and so worth the price!

We had a blast at Sully’s, even with steaks in absentia.    We also thank GM Keith for the $150 promotional gift card (for use in the restaurant) which one lucky crew and friends of Viatimes and CPRTV wins at the Viatimes Christmas party this week.

On our way out, we were also greeted by Regional Manager Ray Kasperski.  We’d be back at Sully’s for sure….and it’s steak on the table next time around.

Also our thanks to Nicole Kraft and Casey Shaughnessy of Glodow Nead Communications.

Sullivan’s Steakhouse
415 North Dearborn Street, Chicago

About Sullivan’s Steakhouse
Sullivan’s Steakhouse, founded in 1996, is the sister restaurant to the renowned Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse – born in New Orleans and raised in Dallas – both owned by Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group of Southlake, Texas.  There are 20 Sullivan’s Steakhouses across the country, creating a seamless dining experience for savvy business travelers who regularly entertain away from home. Sullivan’s retains its Southern roots, offering true Southern hospitality at each and every location.


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