One “Bacon and Boozy” Night with Johnnie Walker

We knew we had the schedule right, the Viatimes/CPRTV crew (Veronica, Joe, Glenn and me!) entered the popular Wrigleyville Irish Pub’s The Irish Oak at 3511 N. Clark Street…but the “tasting room” wasn’t ready yet.   But it’s Johnnie…and it’s worth the wait!

We were finally ushered in and the lovely bartender, I called her the “Drink Diva”, was smiling as she poured down the contents of several bottles of Johnnie Walker Whiskey.

She gave the signal to the young and charming Master of Whisky, the host of the night (bad of me to lose his card while writing this post, but blame it on Johnnie…with Johnnie, everything’s all right!) and the reveals of all the Johnnie Walker Whiskeys commenced.

It’s that kind of whiskey you’d find vibrant, and yes, sexy!  It’s one of the most popular of all the labels and perfect for mixing with ginger ale, citrus sodas or even Glenn’s favorite Bloody Mary.  Red and Bloody, they have got to go well together.

This is rich (fruits tastes get to hang on the tongue for a brief period and excites the senses) and smooth (can be enjoyed on its own).  This is the original blend of the Walker family, and is considered a masterpiece.

You guessed it right, flavor has that “green effect” or freshness and it reminds you of nature…or the sweet smells of the forest.  Exotic indeed, it has both some sweet and spicy feel when you drink it.

Oh velvety and delicate smooth goodness as it went down your throat…making this blend very sensuous, luxurious  and enticing.   Whisky Master Host suggested storing Johnnie Walker Gold in the freezer and serving in chilled glasses.

Everyone wanted to taste this badly — this Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a Walker family masterpiece and is considered one of the rarest whiskies in the world and it has also won many awards for excellence.   This is enjoyed neat (with a side of ice water).  Host suggested to take a sip of iced water first to make sure palate is refreshed and is ready for the intense, deep and rich explosion of flavors of Johnnie Walker Blue.  Omg, so many layers of flavors just keep assaulting one’s senses — honey, florals, peppery tastes, even hints of chocolate.

Glenn wants to have this for the holiday, this was his #1 choice.   Some bold smokiness in it and tasting it with little iced water opened up more exciting flavors of a variety of dried fruits.  This has some “mischievous” label attached to this…and it’s Black Label 3D edition (darker, richer, and smokier).

The Irish Oak  delighted the pub patrons and newcomers with an array of bacon pairings (bacon wrapped dates, bacon wrapped mushrooms, bacon layered potatoes, bacon wrapped poppers and that wicked-good bacon-infused Chocolate Chip Cookies).

It was one unforgettable “boozy” nite, and we are all so glad to meet and taste the “Walker Family”.  Veronica and myself, it’s the Johnnie Walker Red, but of course…few sips would just make one feel sexy!   Joe chose the “ultimate”, the Johnnie Walker Blue (he could only wish he’d come home with a complimentary bottle of the Blue…Joe, don’t give up so easily…Santa or Johnnie just might surprise you this holiday!)

Many thanks to Lianne Wiker and the Heron PR Company for making us love bacon and booze again!  More please….


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