Branson’s Festival of Lights and Lots and Lots of Christmas Trees

Experiencing “Ozark Mountain Christmas” for the first time was like being a kid again and got fascinated on all the wonderful sights and sounds Christmas.   We all love Christmas —the many trips to the mall, the “hit-or-miss” gift-giving and receiving, the “dieting-on-hold” holiday feasts, and the “they-only-sound-great-at-Christmastime” Christmas songs.   And in Branson, Christmas starts in November…what a joy!

Branson’s Festival of Lights
A tour of this brightly lit street makes you just love Christmas the more, makes you forget your worries, makes you celebrate the joyous season.  Kids from 1 to “92” will truly enjoy this magical one-mile drive.  Branson Festival of Lights Drive-Through kicked off November 1 and ends on January 2, 2012.     We passed through this 2 times and really enjoyed the dazzling lights…and you certainly can stop to take those souvenir videos and photos.  Awesome!

Garishly-decorated Christmas Trees
I just can’t get enough of gazing at decorated Christmas trees garnished with twinkling lights, garlands, and Christmas ornaments of all sizes and shapes and the happy festive feeling that comes along with it.   I think Giant Christmas trees are simply stunning, you see them all in magazines.  But when you get to stand near one, it truly is a wonder, it really brings in the spirit of Christmas.    There is really no excuse of not finding time to put up your Christmas tree each year.

More of my Branson Christmas experience in next posts!


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