The Andy Williams Christmas Show in Branson and Christmas Dinner at his Moon River Grille

Of course we were so excited to watch the Andy Williams Christmas Show with Bob Anderson and the Lennon Sisters in Branson, it was top of list of shows I wanted to enjoy watching in Branson.  It’s Andy Williams…and per our itinerary, Andy Williams would have made it for a meet-and-greet at his famous Moon River Grille before the show.   We got to the restaurant just enough to have a chat with Debbie Boone (of course, the lady behind the hit song, You light Up my Life), she was a joy to chat with and it happened while we were muching down our salads — couldn’t be fast enough to pull out my camera.   CVB boss, Lynn Berry introduced to some celebrities appearing in the show following the dinner — Lennon Sisters, Bob Anderson, etc.

Here’s the menu offering…Glenn and I both had the tenderloin, yummy!

And that dessert — Chocolate Bread Pudding with Raspberry Sauce, it was a perfect ending to a wonderful Christmas Meal.   I’ve been looking at some Chocolate Bread Pudding recipes in the net and one day I’d make one and share you the recipe.

Before leaving the Grille, I spotted a tray full of yummy desserts — here’s the snapshot…

Andy Williams didn’t make it to the dinner…and didn’t make it to the show either…was later announced that he was very ill.  Wishing Mr.  Branson (Andy Williams) good health for 2012!

The Show was fast-paced and so well-choreographed….and everyone had a great time!


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