Partying in the New Year Got Me a New Cookware Set

I got to ring in the new year with a ballroom full of new faces as well as familiar faces  — it was Glamour Look’s New Year’s Eve Party.  And they picked Mardi Gras for the theme, so there were beads (in varying sizes, haha,and I actually wore the biggest beads around my neck!),  and there were masks too.

Thought I’d skip this hosting chore for 2 reasons:  I was rehearsing my song numbers and had problems with the high notes (still recovering from a bout with unwelcomed respiratory intrusions for over 2 weeks) and I didn’t get my “mandatory 8-hour sleep” before a performance as my hubby Glenn was coughing loudly the night before.  But after much thinking, I decided to do it, it was a commitment.  I really didn’t have to perform my songs…I could just be the crazy “host of the night”, really crazy.

Well, there was another problem though.  We got to Pheasant Run Resort where the party was held and when we were about to check in car for valet, I was missing my garment bag.   So we had to go back again to the house and wasted another 1 1/2 hours of gas and time, oh no, really!

We apologized to the Glamour Look organizers Glenn and Edwin and it was time for my “make-over” courtesy of Glenn Rivera…with heavy eye lashes and even airbrush foundation finish.  I was feeling “Glamorous”…it’s party time indeed….it’s New Year party time.

By 8 pm, eager crowd slowly moved their way to their assigned tables and opening remarks and prayers followed.  By the time the soup was served, I was introduced to be the host of the evening.  The plan was for me to sing first, then do my spiel and do another song.  It didn’t happen, ouch…my CD backing tracks won’t play, really really!  Looked like a night full of unexpected twists and turns.   Gotta do what I had to do…on with the show and the rest of the program…somehow the lady DJ got the plugs right and the music played on.   Oh the crowd was really enthusiastic…kids and adults enjoyed the chicken dinner.  And I enjoyed my “adult” adlibs with all (yes all!) the gorgeous men inside the ballroom — ha ha, you know, whatever Sarah wants, Sarah gets!   Somehow my voice was in full throttle as the night progressed, I thought I could belt out my songs.   And I did…oh thanks God, I got to sing my signature songs…What A Difference A Day Makes and Whatever Sarah Wants.

Then it was all dancing….I even got to participate in the line dance “Cupid Shuffle”…oh I loved it … it was a fun dance…moving to the right, moving to the left, with kicking and swaying too!   Even the loud teens were having a blast…and J-Lo would looked overdressed compared to the teenager girls with their tight short dresses…the lads were all smiling, mmm.

We stayed till after countdown and the 40” inch TV was raffled off.   It was a long night….but Glenn, the Glamour Look organized surprised me with a new Cookware Set!   Now my new year has just begun!


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