Fun with Maya, Christian and Babycakes Cake Pop Maker

Babycakes.  Mini cakes.  Cake Pops.  They all sound fun, specially making these delicious cute dessert treats with my favorite “kitchen angels”, the sis-and-bro team of Maya and Christian.  Maya is 9 and Christian is 6, and they aren’t  camera-shy (we did a segment weeks ago, and they enjoyed the experience).   Select Brands, Inc. (through Katie Hlavinka) sent me the Babycakes Cake Pop Maker some weeks before Christmas, but I had to wait till my “kitchen angels” had a free time to do the shoot.  And it happened just days before 2011 ended.

Babycakes Cake Pop Maker box included the purple-colored mini oven, special fork tool, pop stand and lollipop sticks.  Also included is an instruction manual with a number of easy-to-follow recipes for cake pops and donut holes.  Just a little wiping needed and Pam-spray on non-stick oven interior is all that’s needed to prepare the oven for use.

Well, a trip to craft store is necessary to purchase candy melts (Wilton) – also known as confectionery coating .  Candy Melts taste delicious, but don’t require the careful melting procedures of chocolate.  So it’s tempering-free.  Place some candy melts in a liquid-measuring cup and zap in microwave for a full minute.  Then vigorously mix with a spoon until mixture is smooth and completely melted – that’s it, really simple.

And Babycakes Cake Pop Maker makes a dozen cake balls at a time — in just about 4 1/2 minutes, sweet indeed!  And I simply used a box cake mix and follow the directions for the cake batter at the back of the box.   Just special care to remove “really hot” cake balls using the fork tool and a large spoon to catch it (I tried holding with bare fingers, but the balls are sooo hot!).   The cake balls needed to really cool completely before applying melted coating, but some 15 minutes or so in the freezer would cool the balls fast.  When not in a rush, dip about an inch of the lollipop stick to melted candy melts and attach to cake balls before freezing.

One more important tip – I used a mini scooper, equivalent to a tablespoon, to deposit uniform cake batter into the holes.   Trim off excesses around baked cake balls with kitchen scissors.  And insert the lollilop sticks on the top part of the baked cake balls.

There are 2 types of cake pops.  The traditional cake pops are crumbled baked cakes combined with store-bought creamy frosting and then shaped into balls.  Babycake cake pops are a much healthy offering as cake balls are unfrosted mini cakes that are then covered with melted candy melts.  Babycakes cake pops are a breeze to make and Maya and Christian consumed 3 cake pops before we started the shoot….and they loved ’em.

The Babycakes products (cupcake maker, cake pops maker, whoopie pie maker, donut maker, and personal pie maker) are available online at as well as Kohl’s.

Here’s the press release shared to me….

Complete your meal with the perfect, homemade dessert! Whether you prefer a traditional pie or a trendy take on classic cake, Babycakes has the perfect appliance for you and your family. The Babycakes line makes it easy for anyone to create gourmet treats in no time! Take the stress out of preparing a gourmet dessert to top off your perfect special occasion meal by using one of the many Babycakes products available. Pies are a classic dessert treat and now it’s easier than ever to make not one, but four custom-flavors at once with the personal pie maker! Every sweet tooth is sure to be pleased. Feeling a little untraditional? Whip up a batch of cupcakes or donuts! The possibilities are endless with Babycakes! Impress your guests quickly and easily with gourmet desserts by Babycakes.

What better treat to serve at holiday party than a mini-cupcake?  With the Babycakes cupcake maker (MSRP $29.99) bakers can make 8 mini cupcakes at a time. Simply add a touch of icing for a five-star treat that will have guests thinking  they’re eating an expensive dessert.

The fun cake pop maker (MSRP $24.99) allows bakers to bake 12 cake pops at one time. With its easy to
use design, the whole family can join the fun of making cake pops this holiday.

Add a surprise touch to a tin of goodies or impress party guests with a gourmet twist on a classic treat.
The whoopie pie maker (MSRP $29.99) turns the nostalgic snack into a decadent dessert by making six whoopie pies  in each batch.

For a simple treat, the donut maker (MSRP $24.99) makes the sugary snack even sweeter. By making six
mini donuts in just four minutes, it’s never been easier to create a gourmet party snack.

A staple item on any holiday menu is a pie, but Babycakes puts a spin on the traditional dessert.
Thanks to the personal pie maker, every dinner guest can enjoy a personal pie of their choice. By making four personal pies in each batch, preparing dessert for an entire family will be easier than ever

About Select Brands
Select Brands, Inc. is a national sales and marketing organization for small kitchen appliances and other electric household products. Involved in all aspects of product development from manufacturing to design, Select Brands, Inc. is committed to offering the best in design and features. Babycakes is among the brands that Select Brands, Inc. owns.

The kids are simply adorable…and the decorated cake pops are truly adorable treats … great for parties, even for office snacks!  Make sure to own a Babycakes Cake Pop Maker, it’s a fantastic product indeed!


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