Jump Into Ireland (plus recipe for Smoked Salmon, Potato Blinis and Creme Fraiche)

It was indeed one evening of fun entertainment at the Chicago History Museum for the “Jump Into Ireland”, Tourism Ireland’s travel campaign for 2012.   Had a wonderful experience at last year’s Ireland media event and really looking forward to attending this, no way I would miss some nice Irish stew (made the real Irish way!).  And that super excitement made me forget to drop my camera in my purse, wouldn’t let this happen again, so please excuse the bad snapshots from phone.  But really this time the Ireland promotions was exceptional…it was like a movie script with loads of laughs, gourmet foods, visuals extraordinaire.  Hats-off to the organizers and Tourism Ireland…the event really made everyone want to JUMP INTO IRELAND.

Attendees (travel agents/companies and media) were treated to a delightful live acts from beautiful and talented Irish musicians (they even included teaching basic steps of the River Dance)and actors interspersed with “coast-to-coast” travelogue of Ireland (also featured dialogue with several Tour consultants, Hotel and Spa Managers and other trade partners).

As per Tourism Ireland Trade and Promotions Manager Fiona Dunne, “We are delighted to be here in Chicago profiling everything that is good about a trip to Ireland.  From West Coast, to Northern Ireland, to the historic city of Dublin, there is a raft of wonderful things to see and do and we would encourage US vacationers to include Ireland on their calendar for 2012.   What’s new in 2012? — Titanic Belfast (largest Titanic visitor experience in the world) opens this April, Irish Open Golf tournament, and lots more.   Please check out http://www.discoverireland.com, and I won’t be surprised if you find yourself…”Jump(ing) into Ireland”.

I had a chance to enjoy a brief chat with Chef Sean Farnan of Priory House Restaurant for the CelebrEATy Circle and he was so excited to be part of 2012 Discover Ireland program.  His menu offerings served after the promotional “theatre-style” Jump Into Ireland experience were spectacular:  Lamb stew, corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread…and an array of mouthwatering desserts.   Now I could only wish I brought along my camera…but it was a superb array of Irish dishes (including colcannon, with rashers or bacon too) and a separate table for sweets and pastries…and “take your pick” on Irish wines and spirits.  And in case you haven’t heard yet…Ireland is the Food Lovers’ Island.

And take note of the banner when traveling to Northern Ireland…”Northern Ireland 2012 – Your time, our place”.

Many thanks to Eileen Power of Publicity & Communications, Tourism Ireland for the invitation.  We really had a great time…and everyone’s “GREENING” with joy and excitement.

Smoked Salmon, Potato Blinis and Creme Fraiche
Source:  Richard Corrigan/discoverireland.com

16 oz dry mashed potato
8 oz pasta flour
4 eggs separated — egg whites whisked
4 yolks
1.6 fl oz buttermilk

Mix the mashed potato and flour together, before adding the buttermilk and seasoning.  Add the egg yolks and then fold in the whisked whites.  Cook in a warm pan in greased rings.

Serve with sliced Irish smoked salmon and creme fraiche.


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