Looking for wood salad servers?

Acacia Creations
Beautifully handcrafted pieces of jewelry (necklaces and bracelets and stainless steel wire hearts) and home decor  (salad bowls and salad servers)  out of recycled materials — all unique and eco-friendly.  And the artists and craftsmen, all based in Nairobi, Kenya.   In keeping with fair trade practices, the artists and other studio workers are paid a monthly salary plus a percentage of sale of each Acacia Creations products.   And also worth mentioning, for each item purchased from Healing Hearts Collection  (stainless steel wire hearts), Acacia Creations donates $0.50 to Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital in Nairobi, where underprivileged children and their families receive life-saving care and support.  You not only get to love your one-of-a-kind jewelry but you also show care and support.

The spiraled wood salad servers sent to me has that great feel in the hand — and am so impressed with the spiral design.  And they would nicely pair with just about any salad bowl, wood or glass.  The salad servers are from the Olive Wood Collection  — all finished with food-safe sunflower oil, water-resistant and durable.

Select Chicago retailers that carry Acacia Creations products include: Accessories East, Material Possessions, Misericordia Heart Strings Gift Shop and The Art Institute of Chicago.  For more details on Acacia Creations products and their fair trade practices, visit http://www.acaciacreationsstore.com.


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