Q Knot is the newest in Food Preservation

Q Knot (Multi-Purpose Reusable Ties)
Say goodbye to easily-broken rubber bands and disposable zip ties, Q Knot, the newest in Food Preservation, gives that perfect seal to plastic food bags to maintain foods’ freshness.    You’d be impressed (I’m now a big fan!)…consider these features:  self-locking design with really non-slip gripping “teeth”, easy release and retie, made of rubber so it’s stretchable and flexible.  It’s so easy to use, simply strap and stretch  and use it inside or outside the house.  Clutters everywhere (we can’t help it, these days we’re so much into all things electronics, cables here and there) — oh yes, time to tie up and neatly secure electrical cords, computer wires/cables, purses, pens, makeup brushes, hair dryer long cord, craft tools, dowel rods for cakes, and tools in garage.

You’d love to have Q Knots in your house — they are must-haves.   And they come in primary colors and 3 sizes (yellow/small, green/medium and red/large).   Available at nationwide stores like The Container Store, Crate & Barrel and online at Amazon.com.

For additional information on Q Knot, please visit http://www.Ut-wire.com.    And to top it all, Q Knot was recently awarded the distinguished 2012 IF Design Award out of 2,000 products for its innovative design.

And don’t forget….Q Knots are versatile, deliciously colored and reusable, you’ll love them!



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