Oops, Late Post of Photos from NRA Food Event, McCormick Chicago

My first time to experience an NRA show…the National Restaurant Association food event at the McCormick Place.  A bit of walking around and checking out interesting food and food-related displays…and a lot of food tastings, it’s a really a belly-bursting experience (truly enjoyed the Aphrodite scones, Red Hot Chicago Hotdog, the “thin is in” Flatout Best Wraps (flatbread is the new pizza and seems to be the latest food craze, and I’m including a recipe for the Thai Chicken Flatout Pizza here), David’s Chocolate Chip Cookies (a familiar treat in the Home Shopping Network), the Yamato steaming hot Udon noodles,  Kronos Greek yogurt and feta cheese dips, the Boomerang Bay cocktail mixes, Wisconsin’s Bel Giosioso fresh mozzarella appetizers, Gayle’s Sweet n sassy barbecue chicken sandwich, Fonterra’s Chocolate Mousse, the Broaster Company chicken, the EZ “really” boneless chicken wings and colossal lollies.

More finds from the NRA show include:
*PanPens.com wipe, write and go food safety marker, “gotta have this!”
*Tamanoi’s Instant Sushi Seasoning, it’s sushi made easy with this sushi powder vinegar, the vendor even made me drink a vinegar juice (it’s just tastes like Tita V’s immune-boosting apple vinegar and honey concoction)
*Wowbutter.com’s Safe-for-school peanut butter replacement toasted soy spread, yumm!
*Displayfakefoods.com realistic display foods and drinks, omg, so real!
*Rastaimposta.com crazy hats, from Heinz catsup to hotdog on top of your head
*Mrs. Renfro’s Scary Hot Ghost Pepper Salsa (this one is for Tito Joe, certified by Guinness Book of World Records as the Hottest Pepper in the world, all 16 oz jar for Tito Joe only)

The NRA Show is simply one-of-a-kind, a hotbed of all things food, a launching pad of product innovations, a showcase of the best tasting foods…so make sure you come out to the 2013 NRA show, there is something for everyone.  Even Glenn got a troubling foot fix from one of the exhibitors…and just hoping the parking fees next year are much cheaper.

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