Soiree TILT Gourmet Chilling Spheres


Pretty cool, and yes cooler than ice, I say “awesome” to this new stainless-steel beverage chilling “tilt balls”.   My Glenn simply adores this product too.  He enjoys his glass of brandy or scotch whiskey post dinner and while watching his favorite TV programs.  He likes his spirited drinks chilled but he just can’t compromise the flavors by watering down with cubes of ice, nope.   And he is giving all his drinking  buddies at the motor shop these Soiree tilt spheres this holiday season.

Thanks Dawn Ryden of Avalon Communications for this Soiree press release:

Wine and Dine Family and Friends this Holiday Season with soiréehome
Innovative gadgets are a must-have for the foodie and wine enthusiast on your list this season

Soiréehome provides a collection of fun and innovative barware that is sure to please this holiday season.  Whether shoppers are looking for the perfect gift or throwing the party of the year, soiréehome offers contemporary products designed with the foodie and wine enthusiast in mind.

The newest product to market, tilt, brings a new aspect to the word “chilling”.  The chilling sphere is both flavorless and iceless, so it won’t dilute drinks or interfere with the flavor. Simply store tilt in your freezer until needed, then insert into your favorite holiday beverage, wine glass or even a party dip to keep chilled.  tilt is center-weighted so it will always sit up-right and is easily removed by an included retrieval hook.  MSRP $34.99

For wine lovers who have everything, and those just beginning, soiréehome offers stopair,   a vacuum wine pump that also doubles as a bottle stopper.  stopair fits into most bottles and can also be used for liquor and olive oil, making it a great gift for everyone on your list this season!  MSRP $19.99

Aerate every glass of wine at the holiday party this year with the must-have wine accessory and the namesake of soirée home.  Soirée  is the in-bottle wine decanter that allows you to aerate one glass at a time, will not over-aerate, and can be used on red and white wine.  Also available in gift sets.  MSRP Starts at $25.00

Party planners can learn more about soiréehome at

About soirée home
A leader in the wine accessories market and from the creator of the internationally known wine decanter Soirée, soiréehome is an expanded collection of innovative housewares designed to heighten culinary experiences.  Dedicated to consistently producing unique products with an appreciation for gastro-technology, soiréehome is re-imagining standard housewares and innovating tradition.

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