Beach Foodie (Guidebook for Joy, Bliss, Vitality, High Energy, Youthfulness and Spiritual Energy)

“If the recipe ingredients can’t go in a container and survive in a back pack or cooler on the beafch, they didn’t make it into this book”, say Beach  Foodie book author CFayla Johnson.   And these foods “provide excellent nutrition and have great taste”.   These really attracted me to this book that I consider my guidebook for Joy, Bliss, Vitality, High Energy, Youthfulness and Spiritual Energy.   Boy, we can’t allow our energies depleted in these trying times (you read them, you see them, you feel them).   CFayla recommends a diet containing 20 % carbs, 30% good fat and 50 % protein — whole, unprocessed and uncooked for maximum nutritional values.   And she adds:
1)  Eat frequently, about 5 times a day, but small quantities.
2)  Do not eat a large amount of food after 6 pm.
3)  Listen to the body and rotate the foods you eat — some days more protein, or some days less carbs.
And to make skin feeling smooth and supple, CFayla says, “Spread 2 tablespoons coconut oil on your body, it’s nurturing, it’s hydrating”.   Doing this every night before I go to bed — oh what a feeling!  Recipes include Chilly Chili, Raw Apple Pie, No-bake Carrot Cake and Cherry Pie with Dates Crust.   I love CFayla’s 3 Ms — Meals, Move and Meditation — let’s make it a plan, and let’s stick to it!

Here’s the press release shared to me…

A simple guide to a healthier life
Recipes and recommendations designed to heal the body, mind and spirit

People should love their food, take pleasure in eating and develop a relationship with food that is nurturing and blissful.

A food reference guide intended to promote blissful living; Beach Foodie centers on the concept of developing a divine relationship with food.

The first in a series of books by author Cfayla Johnson, Beach Foodie focuses on promoting a model for healthy living. This model is designed to rejuvenate the body by concentrating on easy-to-make recipes and foods that will increase energy levels.

Johnson is a life coach and healer and is proficient in using various food combinations and spiritual energy to refresh the body. Her book was inspired by her own creative thought and reflects the way she eats and lives.

According to Johnson, eating these unique food combinations makes it easier to access spiritual energy and feel joyful. Throughout her book, she urges people to try her recipes and follow her guidelines, encouraging readers to be in touch with their bodies and their food as they experience a nurturing relationship that results in gratification.

“I spent over five years researching and trying various food combinations to develop my own food philosophy,” said Johnson. “Beach Foodie combines aspects of eating and spirituality and is meant to be used as a reference guide and taken to the store along with a shopping list.”

Beach Foodie
By Cfayla Johnson
Paperback, $9.99
E-book, $4.99
ISBN: 978-1-4525-5380-1
Available at,,

About the author:
Johnson’s qualifications in writing Beach Foodie are a love of food and high life force living. She is an author, speaker, coach and natural healer. Through her research and personal experience, she created a relationship with food based upon the aspects of bliss, nutrition and energy. In her book, she offers principles of eating in a highly versatile yet simplistic way. Beach Foodie is part of a series of books by Johnson designed to promote healthy and joyous living.



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