About Celebr-EAT-y

Sarah Lee is a food writer/columnist at Via Times and hosts a regular Sunday noon cooking segment on Chicago Philippine Reports TV.

Sarah covers the following Beats: Lifestyles and Society Ethnic and Multi-Cultural, Chefs/Restaurants Interviews. Sarah also frequently covers topics such as restaurant, cookbook authors’ promotions coverages, locally, nationally & internationally. Sarah’s other current editorial duties include invite interesting personalities for TV interviews and write-ups in VIA Times.

After working in a healthcare facility as a bookkeeper for five years, Sarah now enjoys her time and talents with her true passions — cooking/baking, singing/stage performing, food blogging and culinary teaching. She is a food enthusiast and a professional baker/caterer and teaches week-end baking and cake decorating classes.

2010 is an important year for The Celebr-EAT-y Circle, it marks 5 yumm-ful years Sarah shares her recipes with loyal viewers. And to celebrate her TV recipes and appearances, Sarah puts together 200 of her favorite recipes from her Chicago Philippine Reports TV’s cooking segment, The Celebr-EAT-y Circle, in her cookbook, THE CELEBREATY RECIPES. You sure can turn to this collection of delectable and easy-to-make recipes again and again to find that perfect fix-in-a-flash recipe to cook or bake for your family, to wow your guests and friends or to enjoy making for yourself.