CelebrEATy Guest List

For their enjoyable TV appearances with me, my appreciation goes to the following:


*Bernard Runo, Pastry Expert, Sept 2005


*Mick Verheyen, Executive Chef, Devon Seafood Grill, July, 2006

*Karen Adler and Judith Fertig, the BBQ Queens, August, 2006

*Osmin, Owner/chef Habana Libre, Sept 2006

*Kosta, Co-owner and chef, Venus Restaurant, Oct 2006


*Jennifer Aranas, Cookbook author, The Filipino-American Kitchen, Feb 2007

*Doug Savant, “Desperate Housewives” husband, Mar 2007

*Carlyn Berghoff, President/CEO, 17/West Berghoff, March, 2007

*Patricia Williams, Executive Chef, District, New York, April, 2007

*Robert Okura, Vice President and Corporate Executive Chef, the Cheesecake Factory, April 2007

*Paul Carter, Executive Chef, the Phoenician, Scottsdale, April 2007

*Rick Bayless, Owner and Executive Chef, Frontera Grill, May, 2007

*Katie Das, Owner and Chief Caramelier, Das Foods, May, 2007

*Brian Enyart, Executive Chef, Frontera Grill, May, 2007

*Eric Aubriot, Executive Chef, Alhambra Palace Restaurant, May, 2007

*Tobias Lehmen, Riesling wine sales rep, June 2007

*Joelen Agram-Tan, Creator, The Chicago Cooks & Bakers Group, July 2007

*Sonny Lim, Executive Chef, Penang Restaurant , August, 2007

*John Ayaleanos, Executive Chef, Birch River Grill, August, 2007

*Jack Delby, Executive Chef, Renaissance Schaumburg, August, 2007

*James Samson, Sous Chef, Renaissance Schaumburg, August, 2007

*Jorgina Pereira, Owner, Sinha Elegant Cuisine, December, 2007

*Mark Mendez, Executive Chef, Carnivale Restaurant, December, 2007


*Helen and Michael Cameron, Owners and founders, Uncommon Ground, January, 2008

*Daniel Buss, Executive Chef, the Banffshire Club, Alberta, Canada, January, 2008

*Stefania Sparacino and Mark Sparacino, Owners, Prosecco Restaurant, February, 2008

*Cary Black, Author, Zen and the Art of Cooking Beer-Can Chicken, March, 2008

*Adam Baird, Executive Chef/VP, Mimi’s Cafe, NY, April, 2008

*Andrea Curto-Randazzo, Executive Chef, Talula Restaurant, Miami Beach, April, 2008

*Dave Wooley, Executive Chef, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Phoenix Ariz, April, 2008

*Lauren Greenwood, Owner, SpiceStack, September, 2008

*James Miner, Chef/Caterer, September, 2008


*Tom Lagomarcino, Owner, Lagomarcino’s, Iowa, April, 2009

*Carrie Nahabedian, Executive Chef/Owner, NAHA Restaurant, April, 2009

*Lynne Berry, Director, Public Relations, Branson Chamber of Commerce, & CVB, May, 2009

*Al Roker, Celebrity Judge, Branson’s Great American Pie Show, May, 2009

*Jason Yaeger, Season 7 American Idol Finalist, May, 2009

*Scott Edwards, Chef, Amtrak, June, 2009

*Daniel Humm, Executive Chef, Eleven Madison Park, NY, June, 2009

*Keith Willis, Executive Chef, Patio at Hotel Baker, Saint Charles, IL, June, 2009

*John Faulkner, Owner, Falconer Vineyards Winery, RedWing, Minnesota, June, 2009

*Debbie Dance Urig, SILVER DOLLAR CITY’S Culinary and Craft School expert instructor, July, 2009

*Patt Mutter, Executive Director, Winona’s Convention and Visitors’ Bureau (CVB), August,  2009

*Lynn and Frederic Ihrke, Owners, The Alexander Mansion, Winona, Minnesota, August, 2009

*Douglas Dahlgren, Executive Chef, Signatures, Winona, Minnesota, August, 2009

*Tony Priolo, Executive Chef, Piccolo Sogno, August, 2009

*Chris Macchia, Executive Chef, Coco Pazzo, August, 2009

*Roger Herring, Executive Chef, Socca, August, 2009

*Dirk Flanigan, Executive Chef, The Gage, August, 2009

*Maria Hunt, Author, THE BUBBLY BAR, October, 2009

*Mimi Ceralde, Winner, RedEye’s Virtual Kitchen Stadium, November, 2009

*Ken Klemm and Peter Thieriot, The Buffalo Guys, December, 2009

Executive Chef Noel McMeel, Lough Erne Resort, Fermanagh, Ireland, March 2010

Colman Andrews, former editor-in-chief of Saveur magazine and cookbook author (The Country Cooking of Ireland), March 2010

Jeff Lawler, Geja’s Cafe, June, 201

Executive Chef Rodelio Aglibot, Sunda Restaurant, Chicago, June, 2010

General Manager Stacie Baki and Executive Chef Andy, Nozumi Asian Cuisine, South Barrington, June 2010

Angie Bastion, Angie’s Kettle Corn, June 2010

Chef Chad Starling, Aria Restaurant, Fairmont Hotel, Chicago, August 2010

Chef Terri Rogers, Lincolnshire Gourmet and Creator of No Calorie Noodle, August, 2010

Stephen Richards, Xagave products and author of Delicious Meets Nutritious, September 2010

White House Executive Chef Cristeta Pacia Commerford, November 2010

Amanda Hesser, author of The Essential New York Times Cookbook, November 2010

Chef Thomas Meyer, Kendall College, November, 2010

Mary Nguyen and Chef Matt, Saigon Sisters Restaurant, November 2010


Executive Chef Robert Reynaud, Vivere Restaurant, Chicago, February 2011

Nicholas Pesty, General Manager of Sofitel Chicago Water Tower, Jacques Bourguignon, General Manager of Sofitel Dietitique Quiberon, Chef de Cuisine Patrick Jarno, Dieititian Cecile Clavel and Chrissy Cox of Sofitel Chicago, February 2011

Albert Schmid, author of  The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook, February 2011

VP Morena Febbo,  Calabro Cheese, June, 2011

Young chefs, David Hilo and Omar Soriano, Jr., July, 2011

Chef Rhett Dukes, Roy’s Restaurant, Chicago, August, 2011

David King, Creator of No. 3 London Dry Gin, October, 2011

Diane Strauss of Dos Mamacitas Chorizo, November 2011

Kelly Bryant, Singer Extraordinaire, Mel’s Hard Luck Diner, Branson, Missouri, November, 2011

Top menswear designer, Thom Browne, Dewars “Browne Bag”, December, 2011

General Manager Keith Sansone, Sullivan’s Steakhouse, Chicago, December, 2011

Chef Sean Farnan, Priory House Restaurant , Northern Ireland

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